Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another party!


Whoa, what a weekend! It was so much fun, and so busy.
I'm very happy with the fact that it's Sunday today, so I have another day to relax.
Yesterday, I went to school, washing cars to get some money for our Peru-project. It was fun, of course we all got soaked, but that didn't matter.
After washing cars I went to Anna, we watched The Proposal and went to the cinema, Alice in Wonderland. It was so crowded at the cinema, there was a huge queue, and I was glad I saw my friend Shannen, and she said: "Oh, come standing with us, we don't mind."
I liked the movie, it was so colorful and busy and so... much. And great costumes! I loved the dresses!
And Friday, I only had two classes, so I went downtown after school to buy a gift for Jasmijn, she was having her Sweet 16 that night. I eventually bought her a Clinique make-up-set. There was this promotion at Douglas, and they asked me if I'd like to try some new make-up. Of course I liked that, so they did my make-up there! (I had to shower very carefully after tenniscourse, to keep it all on my face)
So that was taken care of, and after choosing my outfit (jeans, vintage top, Prada-heels, Elvis) I crossed the street to Jasmijn's house.
It was nice nice nice there. I had so much fun with my friends, the boys in my class are so funny, always messing with each other and making jokes.
And I found out that I really like Wodka-Red Bull. It tastes like lemonade, very sweet (the sweeter, the worse for your head, I also found out).
The thing with parties is, it always is the most fun when almost everyone is gone. That's just a fact. At 01.30, most people were gone, and the only ones left were Jasmijn, Jordy, Danny, Jari, Ashley and I, we hung on the couch, (they have a great couch), laughed, talked, sang, and were slightly drunk.
Danny, Ashley and I left when Jas almost literally kicked us out, she was tired and she wanted to go to bed (that much for being a good hostess). So I lurched back home and went to bed immediately.
But it was worth the tiredness and sore throat (my throat still feels like someone shoved barbed wire in it).
Here are some pics of that night:

Daphne and I

See, we all loved the couch!

Oh, nice pose, Jordy! (he's almost scary)

Hi, Danny...

He kept his tongue in this time! Well done!

Jas & her sister Vera

Nikki & Jas

Aw, aren't they cute?
Nice answer: 'Yes, they are!' Honest answer: 'Nah. They only look like they are.' ;-)

Hmm.. the innocent, the drunk and the foolish.

And it was sooooooo big! Yeah, Danny, we believe you.
Cheers, guys! ^^

Jas and Lesley

Jas and I

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