Friday, May 21, 2010

Touched by a Silky Romance...


Oh, in 20 minutes I finally can go home. I'm still at school now, and since I don't have anything better to do, I decided I could use my time better by writing a new post.

It was really fun, I just had gymclass, and we went to the tennishalls to play squash, badminton and tennis (of course). I've played tennis for almost seven years now, and it's one of the rare sports that suit me.
I played tennis with Lenneke, Veerle, Jari and Niels, and it was nice. They all are quite good, so it went fine. We decided to hire some courts this summer, so we can play in our free time.
That would be fun, I think!

And oh, the weather is finally like it is suposed to be in May! It's warm and sunny enough to leave your jacket home and go out in your T-shirt, that's absolutely great.
I love the sun! It makes everything easier, lighter and more cheerful. And getting a bit tanned is nice, too. Summer always makes me feel happy, it's so hard to feel grumpy when the sun is heating your hair and face.
I think I'll throw a poolparty this summer, when I'm back from Peru. Just me and a couple of good friends to have fun with. We could buy some beer or wine and barbeque stuff and enjoy the summerdays.
I think I'm going to ask around who would like to be there! ^^

And before I forget to tell it, I got myself in serious trouble.
One moment, there aren't any nice guys, the other moment, there are too much of them. I think I'm in love again, but I'm not sure because there are so many cute guys! And now I'm not sure if I'm in love with one of them, or more, or that I just like them all a lot.
Boys boys boys...
And no, I'm not giving any names. I will tell you if it gets more serious, so let's keep our fingers crossed!
Meanwhile, I'm doing fine as a single, no worries, just me and my friends and lots of fun!

And maybe I have already found my Big Love. Maybe it's just the feeling of being in love with someone, I love that. Just keepeing on thinking about someone special, and all the dreams and romantic moods...

The picture perfectly shows the way I'm feeling now, happy, romantic, light and carefree!
(and if the boys won't do, the scarf could be my love.. ;-))

Enjoy your days!



Stephanie said...
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Cuppykirsten said...

Nou, dan weet Stijn meer dan ik.
Ik ben niet verliefd op hem hoor. :P

Fleur said...

oehoeh, is kirsten weer verliefd? :P