Friday, June 25, 2010

Some things last forever.


Whoah, it's so hot today!
That's not a bad thing, I guess, we have an airco in this room, so it's actually a little too cool in here. Cycling home is going to be an entirely different thing, I assume.

But when I'm home, I can go shopping for new shoes with my Mom (yay!) and after that, I think I will just l down in the garden, in the sun or the pool, and enjoy the warm weather! :D
Hm, I wonder if there's someone who wants to come to my place to swim or so, it's not that much of fun when you're all alone. I could always ask around if someone would like to, so I'll just see.

I was downtown yesterday, and I went to a bookstore. I wanted to buy a new novel, but I couldn't make a choice, so I didn't bought one. I did see a great book about fashion, but I hadn't enough money, so I have to buy that another time.
Are there any books you would recommand? I'd love to hear!

The actual reason I was shopping yesterday, is the same I go for today: the search for new shoes.
There was a pair of lovely ankle boots, black, high heels and a flower on the ankle, absolutely great.
They will be mine for winter!

And if I really can't find anything, I simply climg to my old AllStars. I pimped mine, changed the laces and let my friends draw on them, so now they really are one of a kind! And I know that they will always fitt and be good enough to wear, no matter what ;)
They're classics!

Enjoy the sun!


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Fleur said...

haha, met mijn koekje op de voorkant van je All Stars :P