Saturday, January 15, 2011


Sometimes, a picture says a thousand words.
I think that's true for these. There are no words needed to explain what we did and celebrated yesterday.
Finally they got married...


I made a new friend there! This is baby Markus, isn't he totally adorable? (and before we are getting any misunderstandings, it's not MY baby, don't be worried)

Don't forget our we-want-to-catch-the-bouquet-video!


Jet♥ said...

wauw wat een leuke foto's!
En die taaartt <3 ziet er super mooi en lekker uit:D

Marieke said...

Die taart is echt mooi! Leuk filmpje trouwens, haha :)

Anonymous said...

Die taart ziet er lekker uit :3
en bedankt voor je reactie! (: x

Unknown said...

Die taart is echt mooi! ♥♥