Monday, June 13, 2011

Weren't you all I wanted?

A rose in the high garden you desire. 
Always the rose, always, our North and South!

- Federico García Lorca - 

I'm writing poems again. The feeling that makes me tingle and gives me goose bumps inspires me.
I can't sleep at night. That very same feeling keeps on filling my head every day, and it gets worse at night.
I'm cold and warm at the same moment. I want to scream, to sing, to run. I want to lie down and let it all pass over me. I want to lie down in the grass and see the stars. Next to you. I'll never let you go.

There is magic in my fingertips. It also must be in yours. I feel it whenever you touch me. It slips through my skin and runs through my nerves and veins. It fills my body. It gives me energy, strength, love.
It's a miracle, a wonder, something which isn't logical to excist. It does excist, though, but it still is incredible. It's a fairytale...

Yes, I'm the kind of girl that still believes in fairytales, even though she's seventeen. Take me for what I am, encourage my fantasies, and never say it's useless to believe truly that something special can happen.
Life is a miracle and there are so many things to wonder about. Love, all kinds of it, the birth of a child, friendship, travels, the Earth itself, even death.
Angels do excist. I know some myself...

Now could we just leave everything being and look up to the sky? I don't need nothing, I only need you and me and my freedom. I could go everywhere, I could do everything, I only need to know I can.

Please make me know I can do it all. 
And if I could do it all, would you do everything with me? 
We could be so much stronger if we only did it all together.

With love, 

We'll do it all, everything
On our own.
We don't need anything
Or anyone.
If I lay here
If I just lay here,
Would you lie with me
And just forget the world?

- Snow Patrol - 


Unknown said...

I so love snow patrol! I'm so happy you are inspired to write poems!

Anna said...

I know the feeling!
t komt goed K echt waar (: en er is niets geweldigers als je dan eindelijk samen in het gras ligt -^^-
anders voeren we m gewoon een beetje liefdes drank... In dat boek van jou stonden wel wat recepten XD

xxxxxxx anna

Maddie said...

keep writing! Maybe you should illustrate them? :)

ellie's desk said...

All the best on staying inspired. Great post!

ivy's closet said...

Keep writing! Beautiful post!