Monday, November 9, 2009

Cute Overload! ^^


It's PTA-time! And that isn't a reason to be happy at all. PTA means you have to do tests and exams every day. ><
I really screwed up Physics today.
Damn, I've been learning so hard for it, and this morning, it was all gone.
I really, really, really hope it's not going to be a disatrous note... (but I really doubt it)
Well, right, I've already done four tests, only six left. I'm almost halfway!
And there truly is something to look forward to, because Friday, after my last tests, my sister Tjorven and I go to Rotterdam!
And what's in Rotterdam?

We have tickets for their concert over there. I like their music, and they look cute. My favorite JoBro is Joe, he's handsome :)
So while studying for PTA, I'll also have to learn all their lyrics.
Hm, I could do that right now, while writing... But, I'm already doing a thousand things right now.
Like, five mins ago, I had a ridiculous fight with a pear, a fight which I was going to win, that stupid, sticky, slippery, soft piece of fruit was going to end up in my stomach anyway, so I don't understand why it didn't give up...
And between studying, fruit-fighting, writing, playing Wii Fit and listening to music, I also made a cute composition of all sorts of cute things I found everywhere in my room:

I just collected all the cute, tiny, shiny, pink things I love and placed them on my Physics-notebook. At least one thing you can use it to...
See, there are fairies, rings, bracelets, a Hello Kitty, a Fimo-cupcake Fleur made me, a little heart-shaped box, buttona, a sheep, my left shoe, an AllStar-keychain, a little cristal elephant, Nina Ricci perfume, a lipgloss, nailpolish, a pandabear, my cupcake-candlelight, ribbons, pearls, necklaces, earrings , a hairclip, and Elvis! :D
I like it!

P.S.: Only ten days till New Moon will be released over here! CAN'T WAIT!

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Fleur said...


Wat leuk om dat terug te zien op je foto :) Je hebt t trouwens echt leuk neergezet allemaal.
en nog maar een paar dagen, Kirsten, dan is de toetsweek over. Ga ervoor! ;P
x Fleur