Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oh, heaven... <3

God, headache...
I fought with my sister Tjorven, she said she was stronger and I had to prove she wasn't. Actually, she is stronger, she's 13 and 1.79 meter tall, and I'm 15 and I am happy to reach 1,69 if I have a good day.
But someway, I had her lying on the ground, I wanted to climb on her back, and then I fell, and hit the floor with the back of my head.
BANG! (stupid, stupid clumsiness!)
Ouch, it's going to be a bruice. My poor, poor head...

But I really had a nice weekend. We went to the Wok-Restaurant yesterday, with friends of ours, and her daughter is a friend of mine.
I ate crocodile and kangaroo, and it wasn't bad, but nothing special. Croco tastes a bit like chicken, and kangaroo like... steak.
And haha, Robin and I rose to get some food, and who is standing at the opposite of the restaurant?
Fleur, looking slightly stunned, and then she waved. I spoke to her while waiting for my food to be prepared (the wok-principe is: you pick a plate, put raw food on it, go to the cook, pick a sauce, and then they prepare it with lots of fire, very cool).

And oooooh, my God, Friday was so amazing! The Jonas Brothers were awesome! <3
Really, it was so cool, I want to go again, and then I'm going to camp in front of the entrance for three days so I can stand first line too!
No, kidding, my Mom wouldn't let me, and I'm not quite the type for camping on the street in the cold.
We had good places, but still I want to be frontline at a concert once...
And they are so cute! Even more handsome than they look at pictures and lice they sing great too!
Kevin never was my favorite, but he was so cute on stage, very cheerful and ful of energy, and he did all those cool things, jumps and turns with his guitar (he had like 6 guitars, he collects them, so cool :) )
Joe was supersexy and funny. He said he liked Dutch girls, and according to him, we were all beautiful. He also thanked us for the waffles, he found Dutch waffles the best ones in the world, hihi.
His jacket was so cool, I want it! His shoes were nice, too, I want them, too. Actually, they all looked very, very good.
He also said he'd like to play in Ahoy every week. Well, I have no problems with that, I'd move to Rotterdam!
Then he said: ''I might find my wife here,'' and all the girls were like: 'Me, me, me! Pick me, pick me!'
The he sang I Gotta Find You, it was heartbreaking.
And Nick... ah gosh, he's so sweet! There was this moment, when he was alone playing the piano, he played Black Keys and A Little Bit Longer, and he told us about his diabetes, that it turned his life upside down. But at night, he thought: 'I won't let it slow me down!', and he wanted to tell us that. He was so glad we believed in him and he believed in us, too.
And he said: ''So, when that moment comes, when life is hard, I wanna encourage you with these words: Don't you never, never let it slow you down!''
And then I started crying, it was so beautiful and sweet... <3

Joe also said (he said a lot, actually xD) we were the loudest crowd he'd seen this tour.
I truly believe him, I never shouted and yelled so much and loud in my life. You should try to imagine it: 15.000 girls, all screaming.
At the end, I heard all the screaming ringing thourgh my ears, that was a bit scary.
And, ooooh, Kevin looked at me! Aaaah, yes, he really did! I mean, I know he's engaged, and I think it's very sweet he wants to marry Danielle, and they look at almost all the fans, but still, he looked at ME! *blush*
And they brought Big Rob en John Taylor!
And they played a lot of songs: Paranoid, The Way We Roll, Play My Music, I Gotta Find You, Year 3000, S.O.S., Hold On, Still In Love With You, When You Look Me In The Eyes, World War III, Fly With Me, Poison Ivy, Much Better, Black Keys, BB Good, Burnin' Up, Lovebug, Tonight, Video Girl, A Little Bit Longer, Turn Right and I Gotta Feeling, from the Black Eyes Peas.
Gee, they were so great...
I think my parents and friends will be delighted, now, they don't have to hear Robert Pattinson's name all day long. Though, Thursday, New Moon will be released, so it will be equal then, I think. Not that all my friends are Jonas Brother-fans, I have 3 friends who like them. All girls, of course.
The waiting took a long time, but it was truly, absolutely, totally, really worth it! I wouldn't have missed it for any price in the world!
<3 <3 <3
( And I'm sorry for this long story, I know I am way too enthousiastic, but I can't help it)
Here are the pics, I'm going to post the videos tomorrow, I think.

You think this is a huge crowd? I thought that too, but after a couple of hours, there were so much more girls! They were standing at the oppsite of the street and on the street, crazy!
The waiting wasn't that bad, enough people to talk to.

Tjorven and I are feeling like it!

The for programme, Valerius. They were good, nice music!

NICK! <3

JOE! <3


Nice sight...

This was the cry-moment, so sweet..

This is one of my favorite pictures, I like the spotlight on Kevin.

Joe is looking for me.. (A)

This is also a beautiful picture, I think.

Oh, okay, go standing on the piano, sure..

Soooo close!

Hey, John Taylor!

This one is made without a zoom, so you can see how close we were standing!

So, I hope you liked the pictures, even if you don't like the Jonas Brothers. Not all of the pics are very clear, it's hard to make a decent picture while jumping, sorry for that.
Kirsten (who is totally in love with the Jonas Brothers again)

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cool verhaal. Echt goed hoe je dat allemaal beschrijfd :P
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