Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's time for another party!

Now Christmas might be over, but that doesn't mean there are no reasons for more parties!
Today it's my Daddy's 50th birthday! (yeaah, he's getting old)
And that is something for celebrating, so tonight there's gonna be a huge party for him! There will be like 80 people, and over 20 of them are teens, so it's sure gonna be lots of fun!
Happy Birthday, Daddy!
Oh, so cool, Tjorven and I are listening to The Top 2000 on the radio. Every year from Christmas to New Year, they have the 2000 best songs ever made, and since last year, I can really appreciate the music. They have all those oldies, the Beatles and Queen and the Stones and stuff, it's great for dancing!

I'll show you the pics of my Christmas presents, I promised Tjorven to put them here so everyone could see what she's given me, haha.

Now here are my presents! I know I really got spoiled, but we all love an extraordinary Christmas and buying gifts for each other.
My parents gave me:
Fresh Fruits, a book with amazing Japanese Streetwear pictures
The Holiday, my favorite romantic movie, on DVD
Only By The Night, the CD of the Kings Of Leon, one of my fav bands.
A Thomas Sabo-charm bracelet, with two charms, a tiny bra and a hipster, so cute!
Robsessed, the Robert Pattinson Dvd-box including the Robsessed Documentary and one of his older movies, The Haunted Airman, which is a nice movie, there are those gorgeous shots of his face, heaven was right next to me at the moment I watched that.

My Grandparents gave me another charm, a little sparkly strawberry, which is also totally sweet.
And Tjorven bought me a money bank, but it looks like a Japanese girl, so sweet!
Robert and Maria and Roos and Albert gave me money, and I think I'll buy another charm for my bracelet!
And I also got a travel guide for Peru, because that's were I'm going to this summer, it's an charity-project, and I'll tell more about that later.

Anyway, I wanted to thank everybody for the lovely presents, I like all of them so much!

Enjoy your holiday!

xx Kirsten


Anonymous said...

i love fruits and fresh fruits, so much fun to flip through! i have both :)
sounds like you had an enjoyable holiday. happy birthday to your dad!

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

aw, the holiday is such a sweet movie!