Thursday, December 31, 2009

Let's think about the past year...

Well, with 2009 slipping away, and 2010 standing at the frontdoor, maybe it's a good idea to think about this year and about what is coming next year!
The past week, I was wondering why we even celebrate the beginning of a new year. I mean, we celebrate, we're happy with it, and after 365 days we've forgotten all the good promises we made and are already looking forward to a new year. The only visible change is the date, you have to write 2010 instead of 2009 (which is, for me, always very confusing the first weeks)
Seen from the other side... It actually is a new start, and if your year sucked, I do understand you want it to end very soon.
Well, yeah, a nice party is fun! And firework is cool, you can make lovely pictures of it (like the one I posted below, I made it last year and I think it's a nice one)
And about 2009... Well, I can't say that I'm sad to see it over. It brought me a lot of good things, but some bad things, too... But I guess you have to live with that, a little misery makes you stronger.

Good things 2009 brought me
-My Robsession, and a lot of juicy pics and gossip about Rob. Heartattacks!
-The Jonas Brothers-concert
-My pink hair! (I still love it)
-I went to 4th grade, finally we're the big ones at school!
-I went to Barcelona
-I succeeded in my Spanish exam with a 9!
-I turned 15 (which means, next year I'll be 16 and allowed to do a lot of things)
-I started writing my bestseller-to-be (at least, I hope so xD)
-I started blogging and found out how much fun it is
-My room is finally rebuilt
-A Nespresso-machine (it's my parent's, but I use it, too)
-A nice trip to Italy with my family and friends of ours
-A lot of nice (Sweet 16) parties from my friends
-And it also brought me a lot of new daily experiences, better relationships and funny moments!

And like I said, of course there were those hard moments, my granddad died, my friend Anna had a hard time, I've had some moody days, my heart has been broken a few times (not just because of boys) and it has been glued even more often, and there are just those crappy times when you see no sense, but after all this, I'm still alive and happy to be!

So, I'll close the 2009-door tonight, I will look back through the windows, remember the good times, learn from the hard times, and move on!
And I am sure, 2010 is so going to be my year! (I've read that in a lot of horoscopes, and who am I to disagree with that)
I'm sure 2010 will be a great year filled with lots of fun, love, and beautiful moments!

So, I wish you a happy new year, and enjoy your New Year's Eve responsibly! (and be careful with the firework! ;-))


Anonymous said...

i wish you a year of new and amazing possibility dear :)

Annie said...

We did many similar things this year: travel to Europe, turn fifteen, start blogging! Have a wonderful New Year's!

Fleur said...

dat belooft wat te worden, Kirsten ;)
gelukkig nieuwjaar!!
xx Fleur