Monday, February 1, 2010

A scent of expectation...

Loads to tell now, I haven't been still:
  • It's another PTA-week, I've made six tests already and still have to do four.
  • I started planning my Sweet Sixteen Party, which I will throw this month.
  • Lonneke and I lost a tennismatch at our tenniscourse from Shannen and Carmen with 6-0 (hey, that's a Sunrise Avenue song, haha. I really like that song) and now we're sending funny messages to each other on hyves.
  • It's snowing again...
  • I went to a birthday, my granddad's brother turned 80, and there were like... 15 people younger than 50. But we had fun with Robert and Maria, they're cool.
  • And Friday...

Friday I went to school, Maths test and German, easy, after school Dylan and I went to the gym, exercising, got home, tenniscourse, lost that match, back home, having dinner, painting my hair again (I have to color it every two weeks, the pink tone fades), and then... prepare for the school ball!
Everyone had been looking forward to it so much, and especially the girls we're getting excited and talked about it a lot.
'Do you already have your dress?'
'Sure, it's so pretty! What's yours like?'
'Mine is black, with red and purple flowers, a bit Kimono-style, it's really cool! And yours?'
'Black, too, sleeveless, with black and blue glitters!'
'Sounds nice. And shoes? What kind of shoes are you going to wear?'

I'm sure you recognize this, the excited, light kind of chitchatting in which girls are pro's.
I was planning to go with Anna, but she couldn't make it, so I would go with Jasmijn, but she chucked me for her boyfriend Jordy. I actually kinda expected that, so I wasn't surprised or something, and I don't blame her.
I don't understand why everyone was so desperate to get a date, I didn't mind going alone at all. You meet your friends there anyway, so why bother? The only thing is the preparation, it's more fun to do that together, but still, being alone has its advantages...

I could almost say I prefer the preparation to the ball itself, locking myself in the bathroom for hours, using my own beautyrituals and the smell of my favorite showergel (Lush, Honey, I washed the kids), shampoo, perfume and the smell of new clothes. And then, when you're finishing the last things, like putting on some lipgloss and check your hair for the last time, the feeling of something special, something about to come, and the scent of expectation hanging around you...
Lovely, isn't it?
And good preparation is half of the work, as they say it over here.

To get in the mood, I plugged in my iPod in the bathroom, so I could sing along with my fav songs.

Nice facemask, just because I like doing that.

The dress... x3

Some shiny details!

A little perfume...

Now the hair is done... (I straightened it)
Et voilĂ ... Ready to party!

The dance was really great, it was at Mondo Verde, a sort of park, but with different landscapes and a little zoo and some attractions for the kids. I've never been there, but it looked nice. The ball was inside this hall, which was cute, lots of fountains and waterornaments, and in the back there were couches and chairs to sit (we didn't do that a lot).
I spent most of the night with my friends, Fleur, Nadja, Maud, Dide, Lisa, Jasmijn, and some boys, Jordy, Jessy, Jari, Raoul, Robert, Benedikt, Lorenzo and some others. Dancing, drinking (I've been holding on to Passoa and some Wodka-redbull, I hate beer), laughing, just having fun! Nadja really made me laugh, she didn't want to buy herself a drink, so she was trying to get te boys to buy her one, and when Raoul finally ordered her some wine, she was really cheerful and said three times that he was nice and had ordered her a drink.
And gosh, all the boys looked so handsome in their suits! I have this crush on boys in suit expecially when they're wearing bow ties, so this was kinda... interesting. Most of us girls were having a good time with checking them out and giggling about who was the most handsome.
I had my favorite, (I think most of my girlfriends would agree with me, we all thought he was looking good) but I'm not giving names.

The only thing I can say is that I had a great time there, and that I'm sooooo looking forward to my Sweet Sixteen, to have another nice party!

xoxo, Kirsten.

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Stephanie said...

wij hebben geeneens PTA's,
wij hebben alleen maar proefwerken ;)