Friday, June 18, 2010

I wanna hold your hand!


Hope you all are fine and happy!

I'm doing fine, I guess. I'm still at school, but can go home at 13.00, so that's only 30 minutes.

It's going to be busy today, I have tennisclass at 17.00, and after that, we're going to have dinner with the family, because it's my gran's birthday, and after that, I'm going to Sammy's party.
And I have to watch the soccergame, Germany-Servia. Yeah, I know, I'm not so into soccer usually, but I like the big tournaments. Though everyone is going crazy and every second word you hear is 'soccergame!' or something like that, it's okay.
Yesterday we watched Argentinia-South Korea at school, and I learned some important things:

1. Never ask a guy something during the game.
2. Don't yell too hard or with a high voice.
3. Don't talk about the fact whether the players are cute or not.

I sat next to Nadja and Sammy, and all we did was giggling about the players. We both agreed the nicest player from Argentinia was no 9, and Sammy and I likes one guy from the Korean team, but we couldn't see his name or number.
I guess the guys were a bit annoyed by us, but we don't care...
After all, it's just a game! ( I know the boys won't agree with me, but it is!)

Talking about boys again... Why are some of them so cute?
It's quite annoying sometimes, being in love with someone, or just finding him very sweet.
Especially because I do such a bad job in reading boys' minds! I never know if they say what they mean, or mean what they say, or exactly the other way around...
The way they behave always makes me feel very confused:

I like him, I don't like him, he's cute, he's childish, he's funny, he's arrogant, oh god, he's so handsome, oh gee, what is he doing, why is he so rude, why is he laughing, what is going on, what does he think about me, he likes me, he doens't like me, he likes me, he doesn't like me, why is he looking at me that way, what does it mean, does he like me, or am I making myself going insane?


At least, there are some people who will always like you, whatever you do.
They are called friends! :D

Picture above shows me and my youngest sister, Jytte. She is so cute and funny, really cool.
I think she'll like the picture :)

And then, what more is there to say than the usual things.

Love, care, smilke, be happy!

(and to some people, there is more... I guess they'll know)

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Fleur said...

jaaa, echt zo schattig die foto :)
xx Fleur