Saturday, July 3, 2010

Here comes the sun!


Oh, we beat them Brazilians!
And oh, we beat them Argentinian!
Oh yay!

Haha, I'm sorry, I just had to do that.
But I'm happy, you know! Nadja called me yesterday, if I had someone to watch the soccergame Netherlands-Brazil with. I didn't, so she asked if I wanted to watch it with her, Sammy and Daphne. I did, and then they asked if they could come over to my place to swim.
So they came over, and we had so much fun while relaxing in the pool and talking about everything and everyone.
And we actually forgot about time, so we missed the first ten minutes of the game, but we watched the rest of it. It was so good they won!
And today, it got even better, because Germany won from Argentinia!
(I don't like the Argentinian, especially Maradona is a creep)
I really hope that there won't be a Netherlands-Germany final, because I wouldn't know who to support.

And oh, I heard a nice one this week...
Did you know I am in love with Paul?
Neither did I, but according to some guys from school, I am maddening in love with him.
Pretty good for them to know what I'm feeling, I don't even know it myself.
My feelings are driving me crazy again. I just don't know what exacly I am feeling for who.
It could be friendship, it could be 'Oh, he's cute!' or it could be even more, but I'm just in a tornado of feelings and I can assure you, there's nothing better to keep you up at night, thinking, wishing, dreaming, hoping...
And a friend of mine wants to connect me to her brother.
No way, that is not going to happen. If there's one thing I'm pretty sure about, is that I'm not getting involved into a relationship with her brother. Oh no.

Well, at least, this feelings are inspiring me...
And I think I might find out what these feelings mean and what I should do with it, but for now, it might be better that I don't.
We'll see what happen ;-)

With love,


Sid said...

lolz....must say that you got some really good friends acting as a proxy for you to find the knight of your dreams...

Nadja said...

Wel jammer dat nummer 9 eruit is:P