Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let's dance, dance, dance all night...


As you might know, last Friday we had our New Year's Gala from school. It wasn't at the same location as last year, and there was completely different atmosphere than last year, but it certainly was super great fun! I think it was because I have such great people around me I could spend the night with.
We danced all night long, had some drinks, talked (shouted, I should say) and sang/screamed along with the music.
Of course everyone looked gorgeous. All these boys in their nice suits with ties and jackets, it looks totally cute and so sexy. I kind of have a crush on boys in suit.
And the girls wore lovely dresses, or wonderful jewels, cute bags, great shoes, or a combination of it. It's so nice to see everyone in a different outfit once, with party makeup intsead of their jeans and shirts.
Everyone was making each other compliments: "Nice dress!", "Lovely hair!", "Oh God I love your necklace!" or "You are looking so good! You should wear a suit more often!" and it was really nice and wonderful.

I litterally crept to my bed that night, my feet hurt so much, you probably can't imagine. I think it was due to the heels I wore, the dancing, the broken glasses on the floor and some people (only one person, actually... I won't be calling any names) jumping on your feet when they're dancing. As I suppose it was an accident, I won't be mad. I didn't really feel it anyway, as my feet were already senseless.
But man, I had such a great night!

Down here are some pictures to give you an impression of my friends, me, some drinks and lots of fun!

My party outfit and styling (done by my sister Tjorven, she loves doing my hair and makeup for parties)
I totally love the little purse, it's a perfect match to the dress, which I loved as well. The champagne-tint is nice, it's something else than the common black or dark blue.

Maud and I. We always have the biggest fun together, as Maud and I always talk about teachers or other people (not that bad, we never say really mean things!)

Smile, girls! Maxime, Sammy, Fleur and me, showing our shiny teeth.
And Antwan's look on the background is so funny, just perfect...

Me and Jeroen, one of my oldest friends. We litterally used to make mud-pies together.

An impression from above. I love searching people I know in these images. I see... Fleur and her boyfriend Jessy, Jari, Marthijn, Dennis, Lisa, Benedikt and Killian, and myself so far.

If I were Gossip Girl, I would see a Lonely Boy in there... But as I'm just Kirsten, I see Jori who looks like his date didn't show up, or he's thinking really deep.

Or cutest, latest new couple! Lorenzo and Mirella, give them an "aaaahw..."!

We have the tree J's in a row!
Jari, who apparently thinks one beer at a time isn't good enough.
Jessy, who should better have stopped drinking at the moment this picture was taken.
And Jens, who still looks quite properly. So easy to find the real "gentlemen" at a party...

Jean-Paul (totally tipsy), Danny (I'm so cool-attitude), and Jesse (one way or another, always charming, even when drunk or whatever)

We can't take this one serious, can we?
Well it's a good thing Pieter looks rather cheerful (who wouldn't after the 15 beers he told me he had had).
I just completely wonder what Kamiel is thinking, he looks like he's having a pretty hard time keeping a laughter in - would that be strange, with Pieter standing next to him?
We'll probably never know...

Come on there's a party tonight!

Oh, how I wished there were more school parties! It doesn't have to be gala parties, because it wouldn't be special anymore then, but just, a plain nice party with nice music, dancing, drinks and my friends, it would be great! We usually don't have much time to see each other after school like this, so it would be a great way to get to know everyone better and differently... Maybe I should get into the party-commission?

And a new day, a new dream:
Next year, I'm going to bring a date... (lol)

What about you? Crashing the party on your own, or rather with your friends, or do you definitely need a date to go? (don't be too dependant, guys!

Tell me ;-)
With love,

Before this dance is through
I think I'll love you too
I'm so happy when you dance with me

I don't wanna kiss or hold your hand
If it's funny try and understand
There is really nothing else I'd rather do
'Cause I'm happy just to dance with you

I don't need to hug or hold you tight
I just wanna dance with you all night
In this world there's nothing I would rather do
'Cause I'm happy just to dance with you.

-The Beatles-


Maddie said...

looks so much fun! and gorgeous dress :)

Marieke said...

Leuk jurkje had je aan!