Friday, February 11, 2011

Bubbly, dreamy, happy, lovely

Today at school, I had a conversation about dreams. I was hanging out with some guys from my class, having fun, and someone said I looked so happy. I was happy, so he was right, but he was in some kind of sad mood and said he was in for destructing air castles and dreams.
I told him not to burst my happy-bubble. Then he started poking in the air, like he was trying to burst it, but it didn't work (good). And in fact, someone else, who was standing beside us, and we made a bigger happy bubble (even better!)
Then we started talking about dreams, and I told them my life was a dream. Living the dream, the best we can do.

Now, my idea: We should all build air castles together, share happy dreams and love and we would all be a lot happier!

Starting it now, I want to share something lovely with you:

I downloaded the movie Nowhere Boy this week, and didn't know what to expect. I knew it was about John Lennon before he became a Beatle, so it ought to be interesting.
I love the Beatles, and the reviews were pretty positive, and I'm glad to say that the movie didn't disappoint me at all. It was really interesting to see how funny and rebelish he was, and I liked the old clothing and the music in the movie.
It's mostly music from Elvis, which everyone admired then, and The Quarrymen, the first band John Lennon founded, together with Pete Shotton, Eric Griffiths, Bill Smith and Rod Davis. After their first performance, they met Paul McCartney and George Harrison, and they joined too. The rest is history. It's all visible in the movie.

And they all have such a funny accent in the movie! There is that moment when John walks into the boys' bathroom and tells his friend he is starting a rock 'n roll band, and it goes like this:
"You've bin pick'd to be in me bend!"
Just amazing.
And when his principal is mad and tells him he's going nowhere, he says: "Is nowhere for the geniuses, sir? Then I probably do belong there."
Well, in case nowhere really is for the geniuses, he absolutely belongs there, no doubt!

Even though the movie has an open ending, which I usually don't like, I really enjoyed the movie. Maybe it has something to do with the fact we all know how it ended.

Now, of course I have a new celebrity-crush on Aaron Johnson, who plays John Lennon. I want a rock 'n roll-boyfriend! ^^
( I really feel like I've been born in the wrong decade...)
No, but seriously: Go see the movie. It's super.

With love,

I'll look after you
Like I've never done before
I'll keep all the other
From knocking at your door

In spite of all the danger
Spite of all that may be
I'll do anything for you
Anything you want me to
If you'll be true to me

In spite of all the heartache
Thay you may cause me
I'll do anything for you
Anything you want me to
If you'll be true to me

- The Quarrymen -


Unknown said...

I spy Aaron Johnson. That's all the convincing I need !!

julia louise said...

Thank you so much for following babe<3 following you now.

Marieke said...

Die film klinkt best leuk, haha in ieder geval die quotes zijn leuk :) Een open einde vind ik normaal gesproken ook altijd verschrikkelijk...