Saturday, May 21, 2011

I wanna see sparkling lights

I wanna feel the ambiance.
People. Lights. The smell of food.
I wanna see a sea of colors.
Attraction. Sensation. Madness.
I wanna hear the buzz of thousands of people and a beating disco sound.
Music. Nineties songs. Laughter.

A fair is a madness. All kinds of people go there, of all ages. Families, friends, couples.
You can go if you want a nice evening out, to ride the rollercoasters, to enjoy the ambiance, to take pictures and have fun.
The prettiest was to see how twilight started to set in. It grows darker every minute and the lights and colors get more and more intense...
I wanna know my future from side to side. I wanna hear stories of adventures, places, dreams, fairytales, and great love.
Tell me more, I wanna know....

I wanna turn around and around, I wanna feel dizzy in my head.

I wanna win the prizes, I wanna be the best.

I wanna feel like I'm tripping, I wanna see images which are not there. I wanna tumble in fields of imaginairy flowers and dance.

I wanna feel the blur.

I wanna get higher, I wanna look over the entire city like it's lying at my feet.

I wanna taste the taste of sweetness, I want to enjoy the colors.

 And above all, I wanna be in your heart. I wanna keep you in mine, where you already are.
A fair, a party, a life, a love. It's like a drug to me. And I wish I weren't addicted.

With love, 

All together now, all together now,
All together now, all together now.
Black, white, green, red,
Can I take my friend to bed?
Pink, brown, yellow, orange, and blue,
I love you.
All together now, all together now,
All together now, all together now,
Bom bom bom bom-pa bom
Sail the ship bom-pa bom
Chop the tree bom-pa bom
Skip the rope bom-pa bom
Look at me.

- The Beatles -


ellie said...

Such lovely pics. Love your words too.

ivy's closet said...

such lovely words. Great photos too!

O V said...

Awesome beauty at the fair!

Unknown said...

So fun. Love the foodie pics too. Great post!

Fleur said...

ooh ben je naar de kermis geweest?! :O zooo jaloers!!!!
wat n leuke foto's :)

Stiene Saenen said...

Geweldige foto's!
Ziet er ook leuk uit :D

Marieke said...

Ik hou niet van de kermis, maar als ik dit zie wordt ik er wél blij van!