Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ti amo Roma

It was a lovely week.
A splendid sun burning on our shoulders and arms. Drinking water which comes from wells in the city. Laughter filling the air. Sneaking to the boys's rooms in the middle of the night. Smoking cigarettes out of the bathroom window secretly.
An enormous city. Ancient history is visible everywhere you go. Walks from early morning till late afternoon. Tired legs, blisters on our feet.
Art, lots and lots of art. The feeling of walking around in a theatre play wearing the wrong costumes. Buildings so high you can hardly see their top if you're right in front of them. Thousands of years of history.
Roma, the eternal city.

There's so much to see, and therefore there are so many pictures. I took almost 600 pictures, of us, of art, of everything. Let's take a look at the prettiest ones...

Of course we couldn't leave without throwing some coins into the Trevi-fountain...

Piazza Navona

 Vatican City. I can't say I'm religious, but seeing all those people who are, who believe in their church so truly, really touched me somehow. Even the church itself, with all its art and decoration, was incredibly impressive...

 Every detail looks so small in that huge building, untill you stand next to it...

St. Peter's Square

Chilling like a bunch of hippies next to the Angels & Demons obelisk.

The Vatican Musea

I wonder how much art there is... If you could buy it, what would the price be? I don't think anyone would have that amount of money.

  School of Athens by RafaĆ«l

The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, painted by Michelangelo.

Forum Romanum

 The Spanish Steps
Me, Lisa and Maud at the Colosseum.

Having fun at Ostia Antica, doing things which weren't allowed...

An antique jacuzzi? I have the funniest friends...

And then, according to the guys, they suddenly saw three goddesses...

Piazza della Republica by night...

Vicky is happy as a child with the ice-cream I owed her, for graduading in Spanish two years ago.
Congrats, Vicks!

After all, it's important to have fun, even when you're feet hurt and you're marching along the Tiber...

So we took a little break to take funny close-ups...

Castel Sant Angelo, with the Bernini sculptures on the bridge.

Paintings in the Santa Maria del Populo, by Caravaggio.

G is for Gelato!

It was an awesome week. My feet are still tense and I'm still tired. I'm wearin the I heart Roma sweater I (and almost everyone else) bought. I'll see everyone again tomorrow, in Latin class, and we sure will discuss everything over and over again. We'll be remembering like it was only yesterday. We're going to share all the pictures and remember how much fun we had. We'll be whining that we want to go back.
And who knows, we might even go... There's so many beautiful places to visit, so we're not finished travelling at all. Like I once read in a store, painted on the wall: 

Nur Reisen ist Leben, wie umgekehrt das Leben Reisen ist: 
The journey alone is living, as much as life is the journey.
- Jean Paul - 

With love,

Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away
Now it looks as though they're here to stay
Oh, I believe in yesterday

, I'm not half the man I used to be
There's a shadow hanging over me
Oh, yesterday came suddenly
- The Beatles - 


ellie said...

So love the pictures. What an amazing trip. cream! Great post!!!

Unknown said...

What an exciting trip! So great to see you with friends in such a beautiful place.