Monday, November 30, 2009

Meet my new roommate!

This weekend, I went to Fleur's en Nadja's party. Nadja turned 16, Fleur turned 15 and they organised a sleepover at Fleur's.
We had a lot of fun, we drank champaign, we danced, we watched movies and we had a little fightingcompetition, just for fun :)
And we did not sleep. Or, at least, not much. I slept for three hours or something, from five in the morning until eight. I have to, I'm absolutely worthless if I don't sleep at all.
So, next morning, we all made a breakfast together, and after that, we cleaned up the living room, where we had spent the night, and all hanged kinda lifeless on the couch.
Then Fleur remembered they had a chair which they didn't want anymore, and she had to ask if anyone of us wanted it.
So she said: 'I have this pink chair..'
And I said: 'A pink chair?!'
And Vicky said: 'Stop talking, Fleur, I think Kirsten will take it home.'

And I did!

I love it, it's pink, it's BIG and it is much better than the stupid, boring black thing I had.
So, Fleur and company, really, really, really, REALLY thanks for that chair, I truly love it, it's great!


Fleur said...

graag gedaan, hoor, Kirsten :)
xx Fleur

Anonymous said...

super vette stoel!