Friday, January 15, 2010

If cupcakes could talk, what would they say?

Yeah, I know this doens't make sense, cupcakes can't talk and I know that very well.
But, just being inquisitive, I was wondering what they actually would say if they had a change to say something.
Hm, if I were a cupcake, what would I say...
A lot, I think. But that has nothing to do with cupcakes, but with me, I'm a HUGE chatterbox, so I don't think I would change that if I were a cupcake.
Oh, well, I'm going to make up a little Cupcake-conversation:
Cupcake 1: Hiya!
Cupcake 2: Ciao!
Cupcake 1: Hi!
Cupcake 2: Hello!
Cupcake 1: How are you?
Cupcake 2: I'm fine, see, new decoration!
Cupcake 1: Oh, I see, looks good on you!
Cupcake 2: Thanks, have to say I like it, too.

And then... I don't know anything they would say. Perhaps it's a good thing cupcakes don't talk. It would be hard to eat something which is babbling all the time =)
Anyway, they're cute! And if there's one thing I really like...

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