Sunday, January 10, 2010


Sorry for my non-posting week. It's unbelieveable, I really can't imagine that I've only been to school for a week, Christmas looks so long ago...
School goes on as boring as before, and the snow is still falling from the sky. Since over a week, everything is covered in white, which looks absolutely sweet. Snow looks so pure and soft.
I went sleighing with my sisters yesterday, there's a meadow near our house and some slopes which are perfect sleighriding.
So we dressed up warm, wearing some retro ski-clothes. I wore my mother's old blue snowboard-jacket, which I found disgusting at first, it's so huge, but it was supposed to be like that, and I just put it on. To my utter surprise, it looked kind of funny.
The only thing they coulnd't get me in was a repulsive pink skitrousers. No way I'm gonna wear that while being alive.
So, when te four of us (I use to call us Girlie Beatles, beacuse we're a great team, just like they were. Once.) were ready, we went outside for some winter-wonderland-fun!

Of course, a day in the snow isn't complete without smashing snowballs into each others faces and hair! I throw pretty good, honestly, but my lovely family prefers to butter your face...

Ahw, Jytte!
We really had fun, I almost drove over Tjorven with my sleigh (fortunately, I did something -don't know what exactly- to avoid killing her), we rolled down the slopes together and threw snowballs.

Yeah, I went nuts. A very looooong time ago. This is in the garden, where Svenne and I had a little more fun after the sleighriding.
But, after all this fun, I started freezing, so it was time to go inside...

And enjoy a nice, hot Latte! Move over Starbucks, I got my own lattes now.
No, that's not entirely true. I could never chuck Starbucks.

And, oh, besides the snow, I have developed another new obsession today. It's sparkly, it's cute, it's great, it's awesome. And it's a little over the top, just like me:

Here you see it in Sex&The City: The Movie, one of my fav fashion movies. You should be able to figure out what the object of my obsession is...

Oh, this bag's just... it! It's tiny and cute and shiny, perfect!
And it is €4,272.98. Which means that I should win the lottery, or get a well-paying job very soon... and that means I should tutor English 854 hours, or work in the kitchenstudio for 170 evenings, or babysit for 1220 hours... Doesn't sound that attractive at all. Hmm... I prefer my dad winning the lottery, that would be the best -easiest!- solution.
But since the chance of winning the lottery is smaller than getting killed by a terrorist, I will have to find another way...
Maybe a very rich boyfriend! Well, I wouldn't say no if he wanted to buy me this. But love isn't about things like that, and I don't have the faintest idea of who should be that boyfiend. (though... there is one guy who I wouldn't say no to. His picture is right next to this, the one in the red-black shirt)
Well, my fantasy is still working, at least. But I'm not giving up! I'll figure something out. I could happen to find a winning lottery-form or they could discover me as an actress, or I could stumble across that boyfriend tomorrow!
Yeah, what would a life be without dreaming...

Enjoy the snow!


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utter surprise?

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die foto van jou XD
zo cool

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