Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Something screaming to be found

Happiness... it's pretty hard to define. It's a feeling, but what exactly?
It can be found in every little thing, from a smile someone gives you, to a song on the radio, or just something you like.

Happiness can be inside a little flower!

Happiness can be in a good and healthy living and juicy fruits!

Happiness definitely is in taking a nice break sometimes! And no one would dare to take the coffee/chocolate/cupcakes away from you ;-)

Happiness can be in nice lacy lingerie with ribbons and flowers and cute details...
Feel sexy, feel happy baby!

Happiness must be in the D&G spring/summer collection. It's totally adorable and I want it.
I NEED some floral things and bohemian style and I WANT THE RIGHT DRESS!

Some other things that make me very happy:

- The sun that shines, flying butterflies, flowers that bloom, blossoms that gloom...
- My friends and my family. Sometimes I suddenly see again I have the most lovely friends I could wish for. They're there for me and they're funny and we have fun!
- Creating things. Doesn't matter if it's a story, a poem, a cupcake, a picture or a huge mess, creating feels totally good!
- Music!
- Fashion!
- Travelling and being away from home
- Coming home after a trip...
- L'amour... mais bien sûr!

What more could I say? Happiness can be and should be found in the little things at first. If you can't see it there, how will you find it in the huge things?
Happiness. It's closer than you might think it is...

With love,

Better for worse, to rain or shine                                               Happiness is a warm gun
Now you're mine, it brings me happiness                                   Happiness is a warm gun
Happiness happiness                                                                  When I hold you in my arms
You call me dear and hold me close                                           And I feel my finger on your trigger
Give sweet love and it glows                                                     I know no one could do me no harm
Happiness happiness happiness                                                 Because happiness is a warm gun
You are the one, you bring me happiness                                  Yes it is.

-Sunrise Avenue-                                                                      - The Beatles -


Anna said...

happiness is weten dat ik een hele lieve vriendin heb die er altijd voor me is ookal hebben we elkaar zo lang niet meer gezien <3

Anna said...

Nou ik zag een keertje allemaal hondjes in de vogue met marni sieraden, en die keken toch wel heel happy!

Marieke said...

Wat een leuk artikel! Ik word er helemaal happy van :) :)

Anonymous said...

wat een leuke post!

Fleur said...

jaaa antwerpen :D
als je dat zou willen doen (A)
wat n gelukkigmakende post trouwens :)

Unknown said...

gorgeous pictures, lovely blog. new follower, dear. cannot wait to read more. xx

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

The rose photo is very pretty, it does indeed make me very happy :)

Sjaar said...

Ik blijf het een prachtige zin vinden! Mooie fotos.

Unknown said...

Starbucks ♥♥♥
Leuke blog ook!