Sunday, April 3, 2011

Step into the sunlight

It's incredible how fast weather changes here. It seems not even that long ago that it snowed all day long and we all hid under the covers in our beds.
Yesterday was a perfect April day, sunny and warm. My sister enjoyed the sun in her bikinis. The others had fun with buckets filled with water. Their noses are red and moulted. Our garden is starting to look the way I love it: filled with flowers and sun.

I adore the start of spring, for it always brings our magnolia tree back to life again. It's so beautiful, these white and pink toned flowers.

I adore flowers.

Pink is my favorite color!

It's almost Easter, and I'm going to make a lovely Easter flower arrangement with my mother and my grandma. We do that every year and it brings the house some lovely lightness.

We also bought about half of the gardencenter. It was fun, I love coming there. They have lots of nice home-decorations, which always inspires me. We had a shopping cart full of flowers, like a riding garden.
I think I'll go again this week, payday is tomorrow!

Maybe we should start a flower-nursery. My mom found this plant in a pot last summer, as it was very small. She placed it in a bigger pot and see what it has become! I like the thought of growing things, starting with something small and making it something big.
You can do it with anything:
A little amount of money can be invested in such a way it will make you rich.
A little seed eventually could become a tree.
Liking someone could become the romance and the rest of your life.
That is a nice thought, isn't it? Especially when you didn't expect it at first...

Falling in love always hits me when I least expect it. I usually don't really fall in love, but it's more like sliding. It usually needs time to grow, to become something more than the averige liking someone. As smooth as a bird flies, higher and higher...

Spring always means tingly feelings for me. I'm perfectly able to fantasize and feel like I'm in love the entire year, but spring always makes it stronger. Which is, to be honest, not always the best thing ever. But I just love the feeling, it's like a drug to me. 
What could be better than the wonderful high of being in love, and what could be worse than the total agony of being in love? 
According to me, nothing could. 

With love,

I need to laugh and when the sun is out
I've got something I can laugh about
I feel good in a special way
I'm in love and it's a sunny day

Good day, sunshine!
Good day, sunshine!
Good day, sunshine!

- The Beatles -


Unknown said...

Wow, how beautiful. Love the beetles tune too. Such a great post.

ellie said...

Wow, love the outside shots..beautiful bird picture too.

Thanks for the note, too.

Marieke said...

Wat een mooie foto's, vooral de 5e! <3